Children aged 3 - 10 years who are experiencing persistent difficulties at home, school and in their social relationships.

Play Therapy may help children with emotional, behavioural and social difficulties including:

· Worries, fears, selective mutism & separation anxiety

· Aggression, temper tantrums & low frustration tolerance

· Major loss or disruption in their lives

       - divorce

       - loss of family member

       - foster care & adoption

       - new school and/or home

       - sibling with an illness or disability

· Poor self-confidence, low mood & depression

· Difficulties with peer relationships - bullying, shyness, being bullied

· Experienced or witnessed a traumatic event

· Chronic illness  & repeated hospital visits

· Sleeping problems & nightmares

· Experienced or witnessed physical, emotional and sexual abuse

· Children with social & relationship difficulties e.g. Autism, ASD

· Poor school performance, not progressing & misbehaviours at school  

· Unexplained headaches, stomach aches & pains

· Reluctance or refusing to attend school or day care

· Persistent unusual behaviours e.g. hair pulling, selective mutism (not talking)

· Wetting, soiling & toileting problems

· Eating problems

· Family conflict & sibling rivalry

Who Can Play Therapy Help?

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