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My Professional Background

In 1992 I graduated as an Occupational Therapist from Curtin University of         Western Australia with Distinction.

Since 1992 I have worked as an Occupational Therapist  in private and public community mental health services in hospital and community services.  My clinical work has involved counselling and mental health rehabilitation on an individual and group basis.

I have extensive knowledge of child development, physical and mental health disabilities and mental health community support services and resources.

Counselling and therapeutic methods I use include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT),

Narrative Therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy.

In recent years I have developed a special area of interest in prevention and early intervention in child mental health.  I feel children with emerging emotional, behavioural and social problems can benefit from early and timely therapeutic work to prevent lifelong mental health difficulties. 

Child Centered Play Therapy is a form of counselling and psychotherapy for children aged 3 - 10 years.  I have completed further study to work as a Play Therapist.  A Play Therapist is a child mental health professional who has specialist skills to provide therapy to children with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties. 

Child Centered Play Therapists believe in the importance of the therapeutic relationship with the child.  The Play Therapist focuses on the child they are working with - not the child’s problem.  To further my professional and clinical skills as a Play Therapist I have completed Post Graduate Training in Play Therapy.

As an Occupational Therapist I also have specialist knowledge in child development and the impact of emotional, social and behavioural difficulties on the child, the family and at school and in social environments. 

My work as a Play Therapist has provided an opportunity to combine my counselling skills with early childhood practice.  My approach is collaborative, where I will work closely with parents and family members when requested.

Most importantly I am the mother of two wonderful boys who have taught me so much more than a book or formal education can.   They have been great advisors, each helping to select my therapeutic toys and have given valuable suggestions when I was planning my playroom —thank you!.  My sons have reminded me to laugh and play even when life gets hectic.

Professional Qualifications & Memberships

·    Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) with Distinction at University     of Western Australia (1992)

·    Registered with the Occupational Therapy Registration Board of WA

·    Registered NDIS Provider since 2018

         - for all ages including Early Childhood, Children, Adolescents and Adults

         - Occupational Therapy and Positive Behavioural Support

·    Member of the Australian Occupational Therapy Association

·    Certificate in Play Therapy Skills, Play Therapy Australia

·    Completed Post Graduate Diploma of Play Therapy with Play Therapy Australia

·    Current working with Children Check (WWC)

·    Completed Narrative Therapy Training

·    Completed Solution Focused Brief Therapy Training

·    Registered as an Occupational Therapist, with mental health skills and expertise,      under Medicare’s Better Access To Mental Health Care Initiative

·    Member of Paediatric Occupational Therapists’ Interest Group (DOT WA)

·    Member of the Mental Health Professionals’ Network

·    AHPRA Member OCC0001750938


About Discover Me Occupational Therapy


To provide quality Occupational Therapy and Play Therapy services to children, families and adults.

Mission, values and goals

Our mission reflects the core values of Discover Me Occupational Therapy including person centred and family-centred service-delivery model and evidence-based practice framework.


“The most important discovery is the one you make for yourself”


Excellence and partnership in service delivery

To work in partnership with my customers to deliver outstanding, high quality, outcomes driven Occupational Therapy services that improve people’s quality of life and help them realise their potential.

Innovation and value for money

To provide excellent value for money to customers and funding bodies through innovative, efficient service delivery models that use technology.

A confident, reflective culture of improvement

To emphasise, collaborate and value relationships, take pride in my work, continually reflect on our approach and work together to improve.

Commitment to learning

To be committed to lifelong learning from the individuals and families honouring their lived experience.

To seek learning opportunities to enhance my practice as an Occupational Therapist.

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